Come spin with me!

Monday Morning 6-7am &  Tuesday Morning 6-7am 

I'm teaching exclusively at FitnessSF/Oakland and will kick your butt with a smile and a killer playlist, every time...guaranteed


Get your personal dose of WHOA!

As a NASM Certified Personal Trainer, and enthusiast of fun, I want to work with you one-on-one or in a small group to help you actualize your fitness goals.

Think of me as...

Your High School Coach 

I will design workouts for you, and make sure you're having fun doing them!

Your Friday Night DJ

I will put together playlists that will make you want to run an extra mile

Your At-Home Chef (who doesn’t do the cooking)  

I will give you recipes, shopping lists and food prep motivation

Your Accountability Sister 

I am not here to nag you, I am here to straight up make sure you’re effective, on target and having a blast!

Through weekly calls, customized workout schedules, a nutritional plan, in-person and/or Skype training sessions,
I will rock with you across that personal goal line. 

This is about getting your WHOA on and feeling fierce, fabulous and fit!

Contact me now for details on how we can get this party started together!